Meet eDevice at the ATA Tradeshow 2014 in Baltimore (USA)

This year again will see the eDevice team joining the ATA Tradeshow (American Telemedicine Association), occuring in Baltimore from May 18th to 21st. For the 5th year in a row, eDevice is proud to exhibit its latest technologies and innovations in the Telehealth fields, alongside eHealth specialists such as Bosch Healthcare, Philips, Qualcom, AMD Global & more. 

eDevice Reveals the 3G Version of WireX and a Brand New Website Dedicated to its Most Successful Product

It's a fact: the standard telephone network (PSTN) is rapidly declining and will affect millions of people in the next few years. The FCC is actively planning the PSTN sunset, which will start as early as 2015. Four years ago eDevice identified the need for a technology solution and created WireX, the world’s first PSTN-to-Cellular converter.

Today, we are proud to launch the 3G version of this widely used, internationally deployed solution already connecting tens of thousands devices worldwide.

eDevice CEO Stéphane Schinazi to Speak about the Internet Of Thing at IE-Club 10th Innovation Diner

For the 10th edition of its innovation diner, IE-Club (Innovation & Entreprises Club) is inviting eDevice CEO Stéphane SCHINAZI, alongside Rafi HALADJIAN ( and Cedric HUTCHINGS (Withings).

This edition will focus on the machine-to-machine market and on how the Internet of Things is becoming part of people's everyday lives. eDevice has been chosen for its expertise in M2M technologies, being one of the leading provider of communication solutions for the Telehealth market with more than 100.000 connected patients and medical devices around the world.

The event will be held on Wednesday 29th, January, hosted by Olivier ITEANU (IE-Club) at Misia Restaurant, 5-1 rue du Commandant Rivière, 75008 Paris. You can find more information about the diner and make reservations directly on IE-Club website

ITU - M2M Focus Group with a focus on Healthcare gathered in Bordeaux

As Vice-Chairman of the Focus-Group, CEO of eDevice Marc Berrebi organized the Focus Group meeting in Bordeaux. Standards are extremely important in the M2M industry and mostly in Healthcare. eDevice is proud to be a contributor to the advancement of standards. 

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is considered to be a key enabler of applications and services across a broad range of vertical markets (e.g. Healthcare, Logistics, Transport, Utilities and more). A common M2M service layer, agreed at the global level involving stakeholders from the M2M and vertical market communities, would provide a cost-efficient platform, which can be (...)

With 100,000 connected patients and 50% growth in 2012, eDevice affirms its position as the medical devices connectivity leader

Through innovation, eDevice has become the leading provider of connectivity solutions for medical device companies, now connecting one hundred thousand devices across the globe. 

Bordeaux - France, May 2nd 2013 – A few years ago, it was considered a risky bet for an M2M (Machine-to-Machine) telecommunication company to heavily invest in new technology for the emerging Telehealth market. But with the combination of an aging population, an increasing number of chronically-ill patients, and a global need for improving the efficiency of national health systems, eHealth increasingly became one of the most promising markets for technology companies. With 50% growth in its global revenue for 2012, eDevice does not regret the decision to take this route (...)