All-in-One 3G Router
Bring 3G Redundancy to your eHealth Solutions

ShareSIM is a compact and cost-effective solution for easily connecting devices or computers on a LAN network to the Internet over a 3G cellular network.

For critical applications requiring network redundancy such as remote patient monitoring, the easy failover feature maintains Internet connectivity whenever your main Internet link is down. ShareSIM reduces downtime by redirecting data traffic over a 3G link. As soon as the main Internet link is working again, ShareSIM automatically switches back to idle mode.

This plug-and-play LAN to 3G router shares its wireless Internet access with several computers or LAN devices. It can also be used as the main secure Internet link when wired Internet is not available or is too expensive to install.

ShareSIM complies with RoHS and reduces the carbon footprint needed for production and transportation. It also uses less tantalum (by a factor of 8), compared to previous generation products. 

Key Features

Easy Failover

Simply plug the ShareSIM into your LAN and add a secondary default gateway on your PC/Devices to enable automatic failover.

Built-in 3G

Including an internal antenna, a SIM socket and a 3G module, ShareSIM embeds all required components for 3G communication.

3G Link Sharing

An intuitive set of firewall rules can be setup to define which devices can use 3G.

Plug & Play

ShareSIM can be shipped pre-configured and bundled with a SIM card directly to remote locations for fast efficient installation.

Worldwide Coverage

When bundled with an eDevice SIM card, ShareSIM enables international wireless support. Traffic can be monitored through eDevice's Analytics Portal.


All features are configurable through a secured and user-friendly web interface.