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Global communication network services designed for Healthcare

Cellular Services

Global mobile connectivity for your healthcare devices


As Berg Insight’s research on mHealth and Home Monitoring confirms, "eDevice is the only MVNO in the world that is solely focused on the medical device industry". Our focus in the medical industry creates a unique proposition for healthcare companies as regulations continue to evolve.

Mobile operators have built extensive global networks focused on delivering solutions to high volume usage applications. The unique constraints and requirements of healthcare applications do not fit well into the standard pre- packaged cellular subscriptions. eDevice leverages these global networks, providing a customized solution for the healthcare industry.

We have partnered with the leading cellular network providers to offer worldwide mobile coverage on multiple global networks.Our cellular service agreements provide eDevice customers global mobile access, coupled with our technical redundant infrastructure for user access and management located in eDevice’s Network Operation Centers (NOCs).

Benefits of our Global GSM (GPRS / 3G) Solution:

 International coverage
 Redundant Network Infrastructure
 Discounted rates
 Centralized billing
 Included SIM card
 Scalability and flexibility


Berg Insight: "eDevice is the only MVNO in the world that is solely focused on the medical device industry"

eDevice’s GPRS/UMTS network solution works in most of the world, enabling patients to stay connected anywhere. Our technology also reduces the hardware references often needed for global deployment and lowers the cost of testing, certification, approvals, and logistics. eDevice products use universal SIM cards compatible throughout world geographies further reducing service costs.

eDevice is independent of the large wireless alliances. At eDevice we built an infrastructure that maximizes coverage possibilities whilst limiting cost. We provide connectivity to multiple roaming* partners worldwide, several per country in most countries. Our proposition differs from large wireless alliances offering limited roaming options worldwide. Their business model restricts customers to their own networks, often resulting in limited connectivity. Using roaming partners in countries where the alliance has a native network typically comes at a premium cost, but not at eDevice.

* "roaming" allows access to several networks available, choosing the one providing the best signal. It is better than “backup” options which allow access to a different network only when the primary network is unavailable, and is much better than being limited to a single network. Some wireless carriers tout the backup option as the solution for when coverage is an issue, however it is clearly inferior to true roaming.

eDevice provides flexibility that large carriers can't. Large carriers generally do not offer real roaming on other large carriers.

  The largest carriers typically provide reactive, inflexible support. Many view roaming as "friendly agreements" and don't provide support when you need it most.

  Large carriers lock you into long-term evolution strategy (2G/3G/4G) which may force you to change technology mid-project. The same can be true when working with a local carrier. Example: Clients of large carriers entering into the third year of a service agreement are facing the "sun-setting" of 2G technology. Now forced to upgrade equipment, recalling and re-deploying products in the field becomes a costly task on multiple levels.

  Service can be interrupted as a result of an outage when using a large single network carrier. As with local carriers, in many countries large carriers do not have an alternative carrier resulting in service outages to your customers.

Working with eDevice vs. directly with a carrier?

  eDevice has built its systems and organization from the bottom up, allowing us to support and provide attention to healthcare companies from the early stages of conception through full roll-out. Unless you’re rolling out several hundred thousand devices in a short time frame, the revenue generated for a carrier is insignificant. At this level, it is nearly impossible to get the attention of senior management and receive proactive response to your support needs.

  As a healthcare company you need a partner that understands and adheres to the stringent quality requirements and regulations of the medical industry. eDevice is already there with ISO 13485 for our entire operations and we are listed with the FDA. We have quality agreements in place with healthcare customers, providing solutions from FDA Class I to FDA Class III systems.