Leading Home Health Solution

eDevice is a leading provider of secure IoT solutions with a special focus on healthcare.

Our connected care solutions support our customers to run efficient out-of-hospital solutions that increase quality of care and save healthcare costs. Our remote healthcare connectivity solutions are used for chronic care management, for outpatient monitoring during episodic care, post-acute care to prevent readmission, and for home hospitalization.

eDevice Remote Patient Monitoring solutions seamlessly collect multiple physiological measurements, making it suitable for implementing various disease management protocols for CHF, COPD, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardiac Rhythm Disorder, and other comorbidities.

eDevice Solutions for Home Telemonitoring Services

Home Health Hub connecting medical devices to the cloud over cellular networks for vital signs monitoring

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Medical Front-End for healthcare professionals

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ISO13485 Certified Network Service for remote patient monitoring and telecare over cellular network

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A Field-Proven Expertise

For fifteen years, healthcare market leaders have relied on eDevice to provide IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) / IoHT (Internet of Health Things) / IoP (Internet of Patients) solutions that securely transmit medical data between their patients and their systems, with hundreds of thousands of connected patients to date.

Through partnerships with technology leaders, the company brings innovative and reliable connectivity solutions to medical device manufacturers and currently connects more than 600,000 patients across the globe.

We help medical device companies creating innovative mhealth and home health solutions improving care delivery.

Fully dedicated to unsurpassed quality, eDevice is ISO-13485 certified, its solutions are HIPAA compliant and include FDA listed and CE marked devices.

eDevice won the Frost & Sullivan’s “Best Enabling Technology in mHealth 2017” award.

In its mHealth and Home Monitoring report published in December 2018, Berg Insight identifies eDevice as one of the 6 most important players in mHealth connectivity alongside Apple & Microsoft.