Transmitting & Storing Patient Data

With over a decade of experience in connected care, eDevice built a network architecture that provides all technical features required for medical data storage and patient data management.

Our system is powered by state of the art technologies based on industry standards for both hardware and software, including oneM2M compliant servers providing improved interoperability and higher flexibility.

For maximum security, it is combined with an IPSEC or SSL VPN for data transmission, and supports cellular, Ethernet and POTS connectivity.

oneM2M interoperability of eDevice solutions have been validated with the Cisco IoT Device Management platform from OpenDaylight project and LASS-CNRS Eclipse OM2M project.

Why oneM2M?

 oneM2M brings standards alignment, device vendor-independence, and protocol factory
 Published agnostic API for both remote devices & applications
 oneM2M offers a data-centric platform that helps to manage and analyze collected data
 Application enablement platform with abstraction of underlining networks
 Scalable to manage heterogeneous sets of millions of IoT sensors
 Fully flexible for hosting servers on eDevice or clients’ infrastructure