SLP: Services & Logistics Portal

Audits, Statistics & Fleet Management for Smart IoT Projects

SLP is a unique Management, Statistics and Analytics Service that enables eDevice customers to obtain immediate and intuitive control of their international fleet of eDevice M2M SIM Cards.

The rich and comprehensive Graphical User Interface is a true dashboard for customers needing to efficiently administrate several thousands of cellular devices. SLP offers simple and intuitive interfaces to monitor, analyze, activate/deactivate and troubleshoot one or several thousands of eDevice M2M SIM Cards.

Powerful Statistical Filters

Devices or groups of devices can be detected because they are below / above thresholds of data exchanged, numbers of connections or session duration, or also because they deviate from their usual statistical behavior. Depending on their location, characteristics and data usage, devices are automatically extracted by the system and can be marked for future tracking.


Example: "Isolate devices in the UK that generated more than 20Kb traffic each day during the last 3 weeks."

Geolocation Capabilities

This service allows locating customer devices in the field using cellular towers positions. This service is enabled through the SLP which provides an approximate location of the device and can be deactivated for end-user/patient privacy protection.

Value Added Alarms

A generic set of alarms has been developed by eDevice based on 10 years of experience in cellular devices management. These alarms are user-configurable to adapt to each specific customer environment and will automatically generate syslog messages and mail alerts for quick follow-up by fleet managers.


Example: "There are 10% less connections than the day before in the Europe area."

Multi-Network with International Roaming Support

SLP allows SIMs traffic monitoring across all wireless carriers in partnership with eDevice. The eDevice SIM card offer provides global coverage worldwide over hundreds of 3G and GPRS networks.

Live Troubleshooting

SLP gives a near real-time view on eDevice SIM card connection status including cellular operator identifier, number of bytes currently exchanged and IP address granted.

A global search feature makes it also convenient to find one or several specific devices based on several different criteria. For each of them, it is then possible to browse individual details as well as traffic history.

Multi-User Support

SLP is accessed securely via the Internet and offers a hierarchical multi-user environment to allow administrators to create on their own as many user accounts as needed. Customer can also create personalized user profiles to decide on the access rights (restrict to one or several countries, subscribe to different type of alarms, apply certain filters, etc.).

Device Management Console

SLP has been designed to both manage SIM cards traffic and also provide fleet managers with a comprehensive and powerful supervision platform to control and monitor their own devices.

The SLP user interface can optionally host data and parameters related to customer's devices. This data can be processed using the flexible and powerful statistics SLP engine to extract business-oriented activity reports. It is also possible to customize the SLP user interface to allow bulk configuration changes.

SLP then offers an overall view of your M2M ecosystem as well as publishing unitary details of devices including device characteristics, connectivity configuration and data traffic usage.

SLP also acts as a middleware for payload data aggregation and fusion with customer back-office systems for smooth integration of remote data into existing databases.

Rich and comprehensive Graphical User Interface

Powerful Statistical Filters

Geolocation Capabilities

Live Troubleshooting