HealthGO Live

Medical Portal for Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthGO Live is a next-generation telehealth application that allows physicians and other healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patients. This complete solution includes a mobile application for patients and an online portal to be used by medical staff.

The HealthGO Live app is installed on a tablet/smartphone to empower patients by allowing them to monitor their health, based on answers to questionnaires, medical sensors measurements, and communication with caregivers.

All data is transmitted using eDevice hardware and networks, accessed through the secure HealthGO Live portal where medical staff can monitor the vital signs and general state of their patients, communicate with them, and analyze the data they collected. Caregivers benefit from a triage feature and can also configure specific questionnaires.

This cloud-based application provides clinicians with the required features for secure and accurate patient monitoring as part of a continuum of care environment.