Low Current 2G/3G Modem, Mobile Connectivity for Power-Constrained Devices

Cellgo is a compact cellular modem allowing devices with serial port to connect to the 2G/3G cellular networks. Cellgo integrates a SuperCapacitor enabling power-constrained products, such as battery-powered medical devices, to cope with power peaks required during cellular transmission. Cellgo can be powered directly through the RJ45 serial connector for a convenient single cable installation or with an optional charger.

This cost-effective 2G/3G wireless modem comes with a powerful TCP/IP stack, all in a compact and stylish form that makes it ideal for Telehealth and in-home applications. Cellgo is optimized to provide a reliable and price competitive solution to IoT projects, offering a short time-to-market option for connecting devices wirelessly.

Based on the award winning eDevice TCP/IP stack, Cellgo includes, in addition to standard TCP/UDP sockets, a DNS client, an FTP client and an email client. 

Cellgo, by virtue of its low-cost achieved through hardware and software optimization, is the easiest way to enable electronic equipment to communicate wirelessly. The existing serial port is simply connected to the RJ45 connector on the Cellgo, allowing Internet connectivity through cellular networks using standard AT and AT# commands.

As an external network accessory this cellular modem allows equipment, including approved medical devices, to migrate to cellular connectivity with a very low regulatory impact.

Key Features

Single Cable

The RJ45 cable can handle both power supply and data transmission at the same time, ensuring easy device installation.

Power Averaging

Cellgo is designed to regulate consumption during cellular transmission to cope with heavy power constraints.

Advanced MVNO Services

When used with eDevice SIM card service, Cellgo allows international wireless support. Traffic can be monitored & audited through the Device Management portal.

Worldwide Coverage

The quad-band 2G / dual-band 3G cellular module enables international roll-out and is a perfect fit with eDevice's worldwide coverage.

FTP / Mail Client

Data exchange in file or mail format is triggered with a simple AT# command sent over the serial port.

Innovative Design

Its simple and sleek design makes it ideal for use in-home or desktop environments.