Ready-to-Integrate V.90 Socket Module
for Reliable Wired Telehealth Solutions

eDmod100 is a complete, ready-to-integrate and easy-to-use V.90 socket module, optimised to provide a reliable and price competitive solution to wired Telehealth projects.

The eDmod100 includes all the software and hardware components needed to transfer information over legacy analogue phone networks. Its integration process does not require a big investment and offers a short time-to-market option for connecting Telehealth devices.

Based on standard off-the-shelf components like a 16-bit DSP, the module embeds eDevice connectivity firmware, gathering eDevice's expertise when it comes to connect and manage large groups of connected devices. 

Key Features

V.90 PPP Modem

Full access to PSTN/POTS networks at modem speeds up to 56K, with internal PPP & DNS client managing ISP authentication and IP negotiation.

Tiny OS with FAT

The Windows-based SDK allows to easily write, compile and embed user-specific apps onto the eDmod with a true file system for powerful customization.

AT# Interface

Parameters and actions are triggered using the user-friendly eDevice AT# interface through serial port or remote control bringing the power of Internet to any MCU/MPU.

Universal Format

The socket modem connectivity is compatible with other eDevice modules, allowing your device to support different networks (3G cellular, Landline, LAN).

Web Server

Custom web pages are stored in the flash memory and are dynamically updated witt real-time values upon browsing.

FTP & Mail Client

Data on Flash memory or on serial port can be easily downloaded or uploaded from a remote FTP server or via email.