The Next-Generation Telehealth Platform

HealthGO is the next-generation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology platform, improving quality of life and care through accurate and focused medical home monitoring. It's an innovative, customizable and reliable solution designed for healthcare companies seeking to quickly deploy an end-to-end RPM system

HealthGO is a rapid deployment, customizable technology platform, allowing OEM providers a full range of possibilities. It communicates with standard, off-the-shelf wireless (Bluetooth) and wired (USB/Serial) peripherals, including Blood Pressure Monitors, Oximeters, Glucose Meters, Weight Scales and more.

Upon receiving data, HealthGO initiates a secure transmission via its integrated cellular, analog and Ethernet modules. HealthGO enables patients to interact through 3 physical buttons on a keypad as well as a 4.3" touch screen display. With its integrated speaker and microphone HealthGO can tell instructions to patient as well as record audio messages to be sent to physicians as an email attachment.

eDevice is also offering HealthGO+, which includes a 7" touch-screen and ample space for integrating a medical device such as a Blood Pressure Monitor.

Key Features

Flexible Vital Signs Monitoring

Depending on vitals to be monitored, HealthGO comes with a full range of wireless & wired medical peripherals, including BP Monitor, SPO2, Glucose Meter, Scale and more.

Powerful User Interface

With its 4.3” touch-screen combined to the 3-buttons navigation, HealthGO brings the simplest way of interaction to its users.

Worldwide Cellular Connectivity

The HealthGO platform comes with eDevice ISO certified worldwide cellular services & Internet connectivity for 3G and GSM/GPRS networks access.

Easy Installation

With HealthGO's internal battery, plug-in power is not necessary for the friendly GUI and audio to guide the user through a quick setup and connectivity confirmation process.

Fully Customizable

HealthGO's powerful graphical engines provides OEMs the ability to design intuitive and fully cutomizable interfaces, allowing to adapt the product to specific pathologies.

Multi-Network Connectivity

In addition to its cellular connectivity, HealthGO comes with an embedded PSTN/POTS module and a LAN/Ethernet module for easy and flexible wired communications.