HealthGO Mini

Easy-to-Use Home Health Hub
for Remote Patient Monitoring

HealthGO Mini is an award-winning  medical sensors hub from eDevice's HealthGO platform family. It provides the simplest way to acquire, monitor and transmit medical data to the Cloud for Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) applications, thus enabling Healthcare professionals to efficiently manage chronically ill and episodic care patients.

The "Mini" is compatible with the latest Bluetooth standards, allowing an easy and secure pairing / un-pairing process with medical peripherals and a flexible way to acquire health measurements including Blood Pressure, SpO2, weight, glucose, and more.

As an end-to-end solution, the HealthGO Mini includes global cellular coverage, leveraging eDevice's expertise in mobile technologies for the Healthcare industry. Our cellular services package includes access to multiple networks, international roaming agreements, centralized billing, redundant network infrastructure and the latest eDevice innovations like CASAAS, a patented system for cellular connection optimization.

All the medical data collected by the HealthGO Mini are directly transmitter to eDevice's oneM2M compliant servers, providing an improved interoperability and higher flexibility.

The interoperability of HealthGO Mini is already up and running with the Cisco IoT Device Management platform from OpenDaylight project and LASS-CNRS Eclipse OM2M project. 

The HealthGO Mini is a turnkey stand-alone solution, however it can also be paired with a tablet or smartphone by using the HealthGO App. The app can be configured to ask a series of customized questions, providing Healthcare professionals with a more comprehensive medical picture, and patients with on-the-go & immediate access to their most recent medical data.

It is an innovative, customizable and reliable solution designed for Healthcare companies seeking to quickly deploy an end-to-end RPM system.

Key Features

Easy Vital Signs Monitoring

Simple pairing process and effortless data collection from wireless medical sensors including: BP, SpO2, weight, glucose levels and more.

Global Connectivity

Bundled with eDevice’s worldwide cellular services, HealthGO Mini provides users with unrivalled connectivity designed for the Healthcare industry.

Improved Patient Engagement

Patients have an active role in healthcare. By self-tracking and sharing medical data they can better manage their condition, thus improving outcomes for Healthcare Providers.

HealthGO App

The optional mobile & tablet application enhances the patient experience and provides a more comprehensive medical picture to Healthcare professionals.

Secure Data Transmission

As a dedicated medical device, HealthGO Mini uses a secure Internet connection for transmitting encrypted health data to trusted medical systems only.

Cloud-based System

Automatically forwards data to secure servers and allows remote configuration & software updates.