Meet the Fully-Integrated Version
of our Next-Generation Telehealth Platform

HealthGO+ is the fully-integrated version of eDevice's next-generation Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) technology platform. With an its 7" touch-screen, HealthGO+ provides an improved user-experience and easier interaction for chronically ill or elderly patients. 

The HealthGO+ is an innovative and reliable solution designed for healthcare companies seeking to quickly deploy an end-to-end RPM system.

As a customizable technology platform, HealthGO+ provides OEMs a full range of possibilities. It communicates with standard, off-the-shelf wireless and wired medical peripherals, including Blood Pressure Monitors, Oximeters, Glucose Meters, Weight Scales and more. With its ample inner space, HealthGO+ also enables integration of a medical device, such as a Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitor (NiPB)

Upon receiving data from peripherals, HealthGO+ initiates a secure transmission via its integrated cellular, analog, or ethernet modules, transmitting user medical data to a clinical application for physician review.

Key Features

Flexible Vital Signs Monitoring

Depending on vitals to be monitored, HealthGO+ comes with a full range of wireless & wired medical peripherals, including BP Monitor, SPO2, Glucose Meter, Scale and more.

Powerful User Interface

With its 7” touch-screen, HealthGO+ brings an even simpler way of interaction to chronically-ill patients and elderly people.

Worldwide Cellular Connectivity

Combined with eDevice ISO certified worldwide cellular services, HealthGO+ allows mobile Internet connectivity through 3G and GSM/GPRS networks access.

Easy Installation

With its internal battery, plug-in power is not necessary for HealthGO to start and guide the user through a quick setup and connectivity confirmation process.

Fully Customizable

HealthGO+ powerful graphical engines provides OEMs the ability to design intuitive and fully cutomizable interfaces, allowing to adapt the product to specific pathologies.

Multi-Network Connectivity

In addition to its cellular connectivity, HealthGO+ comes with an embedded PSTN/POTS module and a LAN/Ethernet module for easy and flexible wired communications.