Connect Your Legacy PSTN Devices to LAN/Ethernet Networks

WireT is one of the leading eDevice solutions for All-IP Transition. It allows IoT equipment with analog modems to communicate over Ethernet/LAN networks via a standard cable connection to the user's broadband modem/router. 

The WireT IoT solution is completely secure thanks to its PKI infrastructure. Communications between the WireT box and the application server are performed through secure VPNs via the eDevice backend. Each box has a unique tamper-proof certificate that can be repudiated in the event of thefts or malfunctions

It is the most reliable solution for transmitting data when cellular coverage may not be available as a replacement solution. Like eDevice's WireX cellular converter, WireT does not require any changes on the host device and the data previously transferred over the modem link will then automatically be transmitted over IP-based communications. 

As an external network accessory, this network converter allows approved medical and industrial devices to migrate from legacy PSTN technology to Ethernet / LAN connectivity with a very low regulatory impact.

The operating cost of our transition solutions is significantly lower than the cost of a current landline subscription. This competitive pricing allows our partners to immediately plan the use of our solutions, upfront costs being funded by substantial recurring savings. 

Key Features

Network Conversion

WireT demodulates the analog flow and extract the data to transfer it over the Ethernet / LAN network.

Plug & Play

Preconfigured WireT can be shipped directly to each device location for an instantaneous and costless installation.

Stylish Design

Its simple and sleek design makes it ideal for use in home and office environments.

Home Internet Connectivity

WireT connects to the existing DSL / Cable set-top box through an included standard RJ45 cable.

POTS Replacement

Network providers are sunsetting POTS connectivity. WireT provides an easy solution by replacing PSTN with Ethernet / LAN technologies.

FXS Interface

The WireT reproduces the behavior of the wired analog phone network by generating dialtone, busy tone, ring signal, and more.