Analog-To-Wireless Converter
Cut Fixed-Line Communication Costs

WireX is a flexible and cost-effective solution allowing Telehealth equipment with built-in analog modems to connect to the cellular packet data or circuit-switched data networks.

Thousands of expensive landlines used for connecting legacy devices can be immediately replaced by cost-competitive cellular SIM cards, thus decreasing the overall telecommunication budget without any effort and, at the same time, offering worldwide mobility to end-users.

Acting as a plug-and-play converter, the WireX does not require any changes to the host/connected device: simply unplug the phone jack from the wall socket and plug it into the WireX traditional dial-up PSTN network Emulation Input socket. The data previously transferred over the modem link is automatically transmitted over IP frames on the 2G/3G cellular network.

The WireX is the easiest way to switch legacy equipment from traditional phone landlines to 2G/3G cellular. The existing phone network cable is connected directly to the WireX that extracts the payload data from the modem flow.

Once equipment have been cellular-enabled by the WireX, banks of analog modems on the central server can be replaced by a high bandwidth Internet link. In this case, the virtual COM port redirector can emulate the removed modems to avoid software upgrade on the central server.

As an external network accessory this network converter allows approved medical devices to migrate from wired to cellular connectivity with a very low regulatory impact.

Key Features

Network Conversion

The WireX demodulates the analog flow to extract the data and transfers it over cellular within TCP frames.

Worldwide Coverage

When used with eDevice SIM cards, WireX allows international wireless support. Traffic can be monitored and audited through the eDevice SLP (Device Management).

Plug & Play

Preconfigured WireX bundled with a cellular SIM card can be shipped directly to each device location for an instantaneous and costless installation.

Stylish Design

Its simple and sleek design makes it ideal for use in home or desktop environment.

FXS Interface

The WireX reproduces the behavior of the wired analog phone network by generating dialtone, busy tone, ring signal...

Cost Savings

Switching to cellular subscriptions allows to benefit from adapted billing and to use flexible high bandwidth Internet access at the central server site.